In the Spring of 2004, a leaky sailboat gas tank led to an aborted Pacific Ocean crossing. I was left, once again, with backpack in tow. Luckily I was in Mexico, which is a wonderful country to travel in. All I would need to do is tap into my personal "Why Not?" attitude (¿Por Qué No?) and I would surely be able to find adventure and hopefully a few answers to the question of how to choreograph the next steps in my life.

I decided to head inland, to the heart of Mexico, where I quickly fell in love. The honest smiles of the people, the brisk morning air, the brightness of this culture, and the intensity and nourishment of the traditional foods floored me.

In a town called Morelia my passion for food and my entrepreneurial desires collided, when what I can only describe as my most memorable dining experience to date became the inspiration for ¿Por Qué No?.
We sat around a communal table eating tacos by the kilo. Brilliant colors suffused the walls and the people surrounding us. Lively energy poured into the restaurant from the street outside. Nothing pretentious or fancy was happening in this restaurant, just good food, a vibrant Mexican culture, and lovely people very much in love with their community.

I returned to Portland a couple of weeks after that meal and started writing up a business plan for my own personal Morelian dream. I decided on the name ¿Por Qué No? as an homage to that journey. Through the help of many friends, family members, amazing employees, and loyal patrons, we have been able to create ¿Por Qué No?, and we thank you for this opportunity.

-Bryan Steelman, owner
¿Por Qué No?