We are also now composting almost all our food waste, which is later turned into potting soil and sold in the community. We recycle everything possible and have greatly diminished our trash output. We utilize compostable trash bags, cups, straws, silverware and to-go bags, all made from either corn or potato. We use all natural cleaners and biodegradable hand soap. We also just installed a brand spankin’ new solar powered hot water heater!

Our focus has always been on helping build and strengthen the community around us. We donate to and have hosted fundraisers for many local organizations, schools and events. We annually host a Dîa de los Muertos dinner at the Mississippi location where the total of all sales goes directly to The Oregon Hospice Association in memory of some extended ¿Por Qué No? family members who passed on peacefully while under hospice care.

We are excited and happy to be in a city where enthusiasm is contagious. Thank you, our guests, for your continual support and patronage as it is what makes this all possible! We plan on being part of your community for a long time.

♥ Muchas gracias, se aprecia su patrocinio! ♥

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