The sustainable and eclectic remodel on the Hawthorne building was dreamt up and brought to life through a collaborative effort including but not limited to the following businesses and individuals:

The incredible craftsmen at Orange Design and Construction (, a small local company that specializes in artistic and functional green design using salvaged materials….

Fix design… The artistry of Claire Olberding & Tracey Durbin…

The innovative ideas of Cocinero Josh Kimball… and many others.

Much of the material used for this project was found at The Rebuilding Center in North Portland, a wonderful non-profit that offers a multitude of recycled building materials with a mission to strengthen local communities.

We use paint from Yolo Colorhouse, a local company that offers premium, environmentally responsible paints with zero VOC’s. We proudly display their passion for colors on our walls and they even created the special “Por Que No Blue” color for the exterior of the building.