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updated 3/18/2020

Dear Portland,
At ¿Por Qué No? we have been facing the COVID-19 situation with the determination of staying open as long as possible for our employees to continue having the stable work we have provided for 15 years. The situation has evolved in a way that has us realizing that the best thing for our employees and our greater society at the present moment is for us to temporarily close down business as usual.We do this with incredibly heavy hearts. This decision was not made lightly. All employees will be paid for the next week while we are closed and we will re-evaluate. All employees will also have their health benefits paid through the end of April if our closure continues that long.
We are looking forward to reopening in some capacity when we have enough information to make a safe, informed decision that protects the safety of our employees and customers.
These sort of decisions allow for intense reflection. The reflection that comes up the most is that we have both the best customers and the best employees in the world. We cannot wait to be back in full service in the near future to serve you. Thank you Portland for supporting us and all small businesses in this town. Be safe and we will see you on the other side of this. 
Much love,

¿Por Qué No? uses line caught fish and local meats for dishes
that celebrate the flavor and essence of Mexico.

We are proud of our work supporting local organizations and schools that focus on equity, education, health, immigration and social justice.