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Margarita   pint $11     small $8.50
made with 100 Años Silver tequila, fresh squeezed lime & lemon juice

Pomegranate Margarita   pint $11      small $8.50 
above margarita with pomegranate juice!

Margarita with Agua Fresca   pint $11      small $8.50
house margarita with your choice of our daily aguas frescas

Mezcal Margarita   10 oz tumbler $10.50
margarita finished with a float of smoky Del Maguey Vida mezcal!  served with a chile salt rim & an orange wedge

Serrano Margarita    pint $11      small $8.50
house margarita spiked with spicy serrano chile

Rum & Agua Fresca   pint $8.50
Haitian Barbancourt Rum mixed with your choice of our aguas frescas

Horchata Borracha   pint $9
our creamy housemade horchata spiked with Haitian Barbancourt Rum

Cuba Libre  $8  
Barbancourt rum, lime wedges & Mexican Coke

Sangria   pint $9   
red wine, rum, brandy, juice & fresh cut fruit

☆ ask about our tequila and mezcal offerings! ☆


Michelada  $5   with a different beer $6
Tecate with lime juice & Worcestershire sauce served in a chile & salt rimmed pint glass over ice

Cerveza Roja $6  with a different beer $7 
Our michelada above spiked with spicy housemade Bloody Maria mix

Pacifico, Negra Modelo, Modelo Especial   $4

Tecate   $3       Rainier  $2.50 

Revolving Local Can of Beer  see the chalkboard!   

Revolving Cider, Revolving Wine   see the chalkboard!

Non Alcoholic

Jamaica  $3
hibiscus flower tea over ice

Aguas Frescas  $3.50 
freshmade fruit juices, flavors rotate daily

Horchata $4  
housemade rice & almond drink with cinnamon & sugar

Jarritos sodas  $2.50  
bottled Mexican fruit sodas with cane sugar

Coke, Diet Coke $2

Public Coast Root Beer $4

Mineragua $2.50
sparkling mineral water

Mexican Coke in a bottle $3  
made & bottled in Mexico with cane sugar

Margarita Kits!

Ask a server how you can take our delicious margaritas home with you.