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*Please note, some of the service information listed below is subject to change while COVID-19 is present in our community. We hope to return to dine-in when it is safe to do so, but at the current moment we are only offering takeout. Thank you!*

What we’re doing to protect customers and staff from exposure during the COVID-19 pandemic

We take safety very seriously. Our protocols include:

  • All crews wear masks while working.
  • No staff member will work while exhibiting any symptoms of illness.
  • All staff members will take their temperature before beginning their work day.
  • Our crews are staggered to limit the numbers of people in the restaurant at any given time.
  • All orders will be placed in advance, either online or over the phone.
  • We’ve implemented a no-contact payment and hand-off system at a designated pick-up window.

Please observe the guidelines set out by the CDC when picking up your order (and all the time!)–give everyone around you 6 feet of distance, wear cloth masks in public and do not leave your house if you or someone you live with is experiencing symptoms of illness. Let us know if you have any concerns or suggestions. We look forward to safely serving you!

Gift Cards

Purchase a Gift Card Online

Gift cards are perfect for every occasion! We offer e-gift cards, which can be easily purchased using the link above,  or physical gift cards which can be purchased online or at either of our locations.

Have a ¿Por Qué No? Square E-Gift Card? Check your Gift Card Balance.

Counter Service

¿Por Qué No? is a counter service restaurant and we take orders and seat people on a first come, first serve basis. People wait in line, order at the counter and then, once they’ve ordered, choose a table.  Servers will bring your food to your table.  Water and salsas are self-serve.  If you’d like to order something else after you’ve been through the line, you’re welcome to skip the line up to the second register and order more there.  Thank you so much!


We do not take reservations at either of our locations. Reservations just don’t work for our style of service!  Even if we have a long line, you won’t have a hard time getting a seat once you’ve ordered. We appreciate your patience!  If you’re coming with a larger group, just let the server who greets you in line know how many people you’ve got and the staff will work to accommodate you. In a pinch, we can seat you at a few tables close to each other, but we’ll always try to make it work! Both restaurants have seating areas that can accommodate a larger group; Hawthorne has a bit more seating than Mississippi.

To Go Orders

Yes, we take to-go orders! You’re welcome to call in an order and then skip the line to the second register to pick it up. You can even add a Margarita Kit to your order (made with fresh citrus) so you can make our delicious margaritas at home!  You’re also always welcome to wait in line to place an order to carry out.

Sometimes our kitchen is unable to accommodate phone orders because we’re so busy with our in-house orders, which we prioritize. A server will let you know if that’s the case when you call in.  We’re also not always able to accommodate larger orders, depending on the size of the order and how busy we are.  If you plan to order for more than 10 people and you know this in advance, please contact our catering department and you can pick up a taco bar!


¿Por Qué No? has very limited options for dining with your pet. At our Hawthorne location, there are three sidewalk tables in front of the restaurant where you can have a pet. Unfortunately, pets are not allowed on our back patio because they would have to pass through the restaurant to get there, which would be a violation of health code.

Our Mississippi location has an enclosed, heated patio and outdoor sidewalk seating which are both pet-friendly.

We are unable to allow people to save any specific tables, even if you have a pet with you. Our staff will help you get the next pet-friendly table if one isn’t available after you’ve ordered and gotten your number. Thank you!

Donations to Non-Profits and Community Groups

¿Por Qué No? believes in actively supporting the community around us. We are happy to accept requests for gift certificates and food donations; food donations are organized by our catering department, which means that any donation request must work within the catering schedule. We are most often able to accommodate food donation requests Mondays-Thursdays. Our Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are frequently booked out with paid orders, which allow us to continue to offer donations throughout the year to awesome organizations. If you’re hoping for a weekend donation, please still reach out! We occasionally have slow periods and open slots; if we can’t work with you for a weekend request, we can work together to find another day or means to contribute to your organization. Thank you!

Use our Contact form to inquire about a donation for your organization.

Catering Services

We offer Build-Your-Own Taco Bars for pickup at our Mississippi location between 10:45am-7pm. We can provide food for pick up/drop-off for 5-100+ guests in increments of five. Drop-off is contracted through MercuryPDX delivery service.

We generally require 3 days of notice for a catering order. We are in the office Tuesday-Friday and some Saturdays. Larger orders may require more notice. Orders are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis; some dates and times do book up in advance, especially Saturdays and holidays. Let us know when you have a date in mind so we can get you on our calendar!

We aim to finalize orders 72 hours in advance when possible. Fulfilling same-day orders is rare but we’ll do it if we can and we will always do our best to accommodate your taco needs!

Ready to book a pickup or drop-off catering? Head on over to our Catering Inquiry form to begin in the process!

We also offer Onsite Catering Services! PQN will come to your event and provide buffet set-up, meal service and take-down for a build-your-own taco bar with fresh tortillas made on-site. This service is offered with a $1,500 food/drink minimum within 30 miles of Portland. Space is limited and some dates do book up well in advance; please get in touch as soon as you have a date, location and approximate guest count so we can confirm availability. All events will require a deposit to hold the date. We look forward to catering your next special event!

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We’ve got it! You’re welcome to visit either location to purchase some or purchase our merch online.

Employment Opportunities

If you’re interested in joining the community at ¿Por Qué No? as an employee, please send an email with your resume or an application and why you’re interested in working with us to [email protected]. Please download our application:

Employment Application (Word Document)
Employment Application (PDF)

Even better, drop off a resume or application in person.

We do not post employment opportunities on this website, but you’re welcome to inquire about availability when you email us or visit us in person. If the right thing isn’t available when you make contact, we will keep your resume or application on hand and contact you when something opens up.

Allergen and Sourcing Information


We are not a gluten-free restaurant, but most of our menu items are made without gluten. We cannot guarantee anything to be 100% free of gluten because we have products in the kitchen that do have gluten.

Our housemade tortillas and our chips are corn. Our fish is breaded in cornmeal. However, concerning the chips, fish and anything else fried, it’s always important to check with your server to make sure the fryer is wheat-free that day, just in case of any specials that may be made with gluten and fried.

These are the things that DO have gluten:

  • The optional flour tortillas & al pastor (due to the beer in the marinade).
  • The flour quesadillas and al pastor are grilled on the flattop, so those with Celiac disease or extreme sensitivities should avoid anything that is grilled (carne asada, chorizo, lengua and pollo asado) and stick to shredded meats (carnitas, barbacoa and pollo verde), shrimp or veggies (which are cooked in their own separate pans). The rice and beans are gluten free.
  • Always check about any specials! Torta rolls we have sometimes as a special definitely have gluten. There is occasionally a fried, beer-battered fish taco, which will make the fryer off-limits. Make sure you always ask as specials can have anything in them!


None of our menu items are made with soy.


All of our dairy products are pasteurized.

All items that are served with crema and queso are listed on the menu. If you are unable to eat dairy products, please let your server know, so they can guide you and request to leave dairy off the items that you order.  Make sure to ask about any specials, as well as our rotating tamale fillings and rotating vegetarian flauta fillings.

Organic & Non-GMO Information

We use two types of organic masa harina for our fresh tortillas: Bob’s Red Mill Yellow and Minsa white.

Tortillas for our house chips are made at a local tortillera in Sandy, OR. They use Minsa white masa, which is planted non-GMO, but not certified non-GMO because of wind drift and pollinators.

The organic masa we use for our tamales is from Three Sisters Nixtamal in Portland. They say, “We source certified organic yellow, white and blue corn from small family farms in the Northern Mexican state of Chihuahua.”

All certified organic products are non-GMO by definition.

Product Sourcing

We are proud to serve crema, quesa fresco and queso Oaxaca from Ochoa’s Queseria in Albany, OR.


Our pork comes from Cascade Farms. They work with a select team of hand picked local and national growers who raise animals to their exacting standards of eliminating the use of artificial flavors or chemicals, antibiotics and hormones.


Our beef also comes from Cascade Farms. This Angus beef is raised locally (regionally, within the northwest) on sustainable pastures and is fed a 100% vegetarian diet that is hormone and antibiotic free. The beef is aged a minimum of 21 days to ensure tenderness and flavor. It contains no artificial ingredients and is minimally processed.


We also use chicken from Cascade Farms. Their chicken is always vegetarian fed, humanely raised and all natural (no antibiotics or hormones).


The fish we serve is wild, line-caught Alaskan cod.


Our shrimp are Mexican whites, wild-caught in the Sea of Cortez. The shrimp are caught using small boats and nets that have by-catch reducing devices as well as turtle excluding devices.


We make our ceviche using the shrimp described above and diver scallops. Diver scallops are more ecologically friendly and less gritty than the boat-harvested variety (which are dragged along by chain nets that skim the ocean bed). With diver scallops, divers select mature scallops from areas with strong water currents, which helps assure that they have firm, plump flesh and nice color. Diver scallops tend to be fresher, since they are shipped directly and not held in boats while they are sorted.


Our eggs are organic and cage-free.